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Long lasting deck surface

The base of the portable floor scale is a hard wearing carbon steel, coated with high grade power paint for a long lasting surface. 

Easy to connect with Indicators or Counting Scales

The scale has a column on which the weight indicator or counting scale can be mounted, with pre-drilled holes and cables for connectivity.

Very accurate in the harshest industrial environments 

This floor scale, with its wheels and battery option, allows you to weigh anywhere in an industrial setting.  The scale system is tough enough to stand up to harsh environments but is also extremely accurate.

This 1000lb capacity industrial scale can be battery powered, for complete flexibility in location.


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Compatible products

Weight Indicators

Weight Indicators

Our highly-intelligent digital weight and scale indicators are designed for any weighing application and are customizable to suit your needs.

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Software Solutions

Software Solutions for Weighing Scales and Systems

Our scale software transforms your raw weight information into business intelligence, allowing you to analyze and optimize your weighing operation

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Remote XR display

Remote XR Display

Avery Weigh-Tronix LED remote displays allow clear, comfortable viewing of scale information at considerable distances, indoors and outdoors.

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