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The 52S in-motion rail scale is a pit mounted rail weighbridge, designed to provide rail wagon weights and train weights quickly, affordably and safely while in transit at a steady speed of up to 15 km/h.

This dynamic train weighing scale consists of a fabricated steel deck supported on load cells, which provide in-motion weighing of wagons up to 120 tonnes gross weight.

Simple integration with back-office systems for easier data management and reporting

The 52S rail scale provides precision data on train and wagon weights and can be integrated to your business systems via Ethernet connection.

Reports incorporate individual wagon, load and destination IDs to help monitor deliveries to and from customers and suppliers.

Overspeed warnings for when weighing in-motion 

The 52S system can weigh rail vehicles while in motion. It provides an advance over speed warning.

Indian Railways and Private industries employ 52S WIM systems to weigh wagons in-motion for the following reasons:

  • Gross weigh trains on mainline tracks at speeds of up to 15km/h
  • Detect damaging overloaded wagons, axles and wheels
  • Detect imbalanced loads (end to end and side to side) for safety purposes
  • Determining toll and fine charges for generation of revenue
  • Invoicing commercial transactions (in accordance with RDSO guidelines)
  • Recognise mixed types of rolling stock with various numbers of axles, without operator intervention
  • Automatically discriminate between wagons and locomotives when only weights of wagons need to be recorded
  • Transmit data to a host computer for further processing