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The T301x is a high capacity, highly accurate digital load cell suitable for use in weighbridge and hopper weighing applications in extreme environments. 

It is hermetically sealed to IP69k, making it ideal for use in food and quarry applications, or monsoon regions where flooding is common.

  • Compact design
  • Robust and quality assured
  • Sealed to IP69K
  • Lightning protection built-in
  • Accurate to 6,000d
  • 100% statinless steel construction
  • RS485 communication
  • Factory calibrated
  • 25m cable
  • Legal for trade


The T301x load cell features all stainless steel construction, with the weighing element being manufactured from a solid piece of aircraft-quality stainless steel alloy. 

The top and bottom load buttons are fully gaitered and pre-greased to help reduce wear from dust and moisture.

Highly accurate weight readings even in the toughest environmental conditions, using eight load-measuring gauges to guarantee consistently high accuracy, even when the load cell is operating at 3 degrees off centre.

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