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Benefits of PlantPower

Traceability at the core Quality control systems Average weight systems

At the core of any production facility is the need for traceability. Our recipe software provides an auditable trail to trace back a mix of products, raw materials or ingredients through the production process and allow you to accurately pinpoint their journey should the worst happen, and a recall be required.

The software allows the user to store up to 50 ingredients per recipe, with no limit on the number of recipes. The system automatically calculates the weights for each ingredient and can be modified if ingredients run out and batches need changing. If the worst should happen and a batch needs holding, PlantPower makes the batch easy to identify.

PlantPower offers the capability to comply with ISO9001 by building quality control systems into daily operational tasks. Simple system prompts and questions are designed specifically to meet your business requirements and can help ensure reliable, consistent production, no matter who your operator is. The system removes the need for paper-based auditing and prompts, greatly reducing the risk of human error.

Knowing the quality process is being followed consistently every time is very important, but it is also important to know when something has gone wrong. PlantPower allows you to set parameters and system alarms to alert you when your quality process has been compromised, allowing a quick response and action to be taken.

Use the data PlantPower collects to track trends in your operation, allowing you to see where changes could be made to your process to enhance quality in the future. Use the data to confirm product quality to customers without the need for expensive site audits by producing automated reports showing the data behind their specific quality requirements.

PlantPower software provides reassurance that you comply with Average Weight Legislation by ensuring the customer receives the amount of product they expect, while minimising giveaway and maintaining a suitable yield.

By setting the parameters given to your business for Average Weight in Plantpower, the software takes over the monitoring of each batch to ensure you meet your customer obligations.

If your batch moves outside of the parameters set, the system will notify the operative of under or over-weight items. With PlantPower monitoring your production, the software analyses the data it receives to spot trends and then notify you when anomalies arise.