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Verify picking accuracy at the point of pick

MPS 100Packing the wrong item, miscounting quantities or putting labels on the wrong packages can cost a business hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in correction costs or contract penalties. Providing your pick operators with the tools and technology to verify accuracy at the point of pick puts quality control at the front of the picking process, without slowing operations down.

The Avery Weigh-Tronix solution uses a mobile picking workstation that provides everything required to verify that the correct item and quantity have been picked.

  • Improved accuracy and speed: When slowing your processes down is not an option, the mobile picking workstation gives your picker access to everything they need to pick, verify and label an order from one easily movable workstation. Reduce under and over-shipments and reworks. 
  • One-time touches and quality control: By verifying accuracy as part of the picking process, quality control is achieved in a single touch without needing to pass through a dedicated QC team, saving time and labour costs.
  • Managing inventory and replenishment: Avery Weigh-Tronix mobile workstations carry all the technology and tools required to allow pick operators to verify inventory in real time and compare it with the stock levels in your WMS, alleviating the need to have a dedicated audit process or take time out for wall-to wall stock checks.
  • Improved customer service: The mobile workstation verifies pick accuracy at the point of pick, protecting your service quality and reputation and avoiding the risk of contractual penalties associated with picking errors.


Finalists in the 2018 Supply Chain Excellence Awards and UKWA Awards

Supply chain awards and UKWA awards

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Configurable solution

In picking and packing operations, speed and accuracy are crucial for cost efficiency and can take a large amount of management attention. Packing the wrong item, miscounting quantities or putting labels on the wrong packages can cost a business hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in correction costs or contract penalties. Factor in the costs of quality control processes, time spent on correcting mis-picked orders, as well as potential impact on reputation, return shipping, loss of repeat business or dealing with customer complaints, and picking accuracy can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

  • Highly accurate weighing technology: When pick accuracy is driven by weight verification, using a highly accurate counting-scale to check pieceweights can make a difference to your bottom line.
  • Configurable mobile picking trolley: The height, length, and width of the picking trolley itself is fully configurable, making it suitable for a wide range of item sizes and weights, together with aisle widths and rack heights.
  • Scalable integration with back office systems: The system offers various options, depending on the required level of integration with your Warehouse Management System (WMS). 
  • Integration with order picking technology: The workstation can be fully-configured to allow integration with new or existing picking technology.


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Service and Support

The new approach to servicing weighing equipment

Choose market-leading comprehensive cover. Or ground breaking, fully-inclusive with up to 99% uptime guaranteed. Introducing new, clear, unrivalled service levels for critical weighing operations – only from Avery Weigh-Tronix.


WeighCare Total™ and WeighCare™

Comprehensive, all-inclusive service cover, backed by a groundbreaking uptime guarantee, for heavy duty, integrated scales up to 5-tonne capacity.

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