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The 350 Levermount is a fully welded stainless steel IP68 sheer beam load cell, with a stainless steel cast mount and load cell fixing bolts.

The 350 Levermount covers the majority of process weighing applications and is suitable for tank, hopper, vessel, packaging, bagging, silo and batching applications across a range of industries.


Simple, low cost installation load cell

The unique patented mounting arrangement enables simple, low cost installation with no jacking required. The base casting itself provides a stable loadbearing platform prior to installation of the load cell.

Once the vessel is in position and the two transit bolts are removed, the load cell is then used as a lever to raise the top plate of the mount into the working position, whether the vessel is empty or full.


Suitable for ATEX / Explosive environments 

Available in a range of capacities, up to 5000kg, the 350 Levermount load cell is available as an ATEX variant, for use in potentially explosive environments.


Additional features to ensure added convenience of use

The Levermount is suitable for use within the hardest industrial environments and can be supplied with optional load feet, mounting plates, load buttons, supports and anti-vibration loading assembly.



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