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The H305 features low walls along the sides to help contain loose baggage. This baggage weighing scale is robust and able to withstand the rigorous airport environment.

It is made of mild steel with a stainless steel weighing platform for increased durability. The weight sensor has no moving parts to reduce wear and tear.


Ideal for busy airport environments

The H305 is available in capacities from 150kg to 300kg and is 600mm by 700mm so can accommodate almost any baggage weighing requirement in even the busiest airports.


Technical specification

Available capacities Resolution Size variants Approvals and certificates Product weight


Legal for trade:

150kg x 0.05kg
300kg x 0.1kg

600mm x 700mm 

NTEP Approval
EC Approval

0.05kg - 300kg

Service and support


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H305 Airport Baggage Scale Specification Sheet

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