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Cheklode PT300 static axle weighing scales are portable, self contained scales with integral weight display. Ideal for checking both axle and gross vehicle weights, the PT300 can be moved and transported easily making it suitable for law enforcement, spot checking or auditing applications where users may need to carry scales with them.

Portable axle weighing scales

  • UK factory calibrated to UKAS standards
  • Accuracy of ± 1% of reading
  • Overload capacity of 105%
  • All-metal case with built-in ramps provides EMI/RFI immunity
  • Couple together up to 8 weigh pads for total vehicle weight
  • Standard or double width scale options
  • Capacities from 2,500 kg in 2kg increments up to 18,000 in 50kg increments
  • Wireless or cabled operation


Technical specification

Dimensions Weight Capacity Display Approvals

Standard width:
506 x 406 x 76 mm

Double width:
506 x 660 x 76 mm

Standard width:

Double width:

Standard width:
10,000 x 10kg
10,000 x 5kg
5,000 x 2kg
2,500 x 2kg
12,000 x 10kg*

Double width:
As above, plus
14,00 x 20kg
18,000 x 50kg

*standard only

25mm LCD display
Works in low light


NATO approved.
NTEP certified.

UK factory calibrated to UKAS standards.

Fixed axle weigher


Safe Loading

The risks of overloading on gross vehicle weight are wellknown, but in some instances the gross vehicle weight is not exceeded, but the load may still exceed the maximum permissible axle weight. Uneven loading of a vehicle makes it far harder to handle, putting undue pressure on tyres, steering and braking.


Protect your Operators Licence

Avoid the risk of fines and prohibitions by ensuring that every vehicle leaving your site is accurately weighed and recorded.


Maximise Fleet Efficiency

By maximising loads you can ensure that your vehicles are travelling with the optimum load. Maximise each trip while avoiding the risk of fines, prohibitions and added costs of increased fuel consumption, wear and tear and undue stress on steering and brakes that can be caused by overloaded or unevenly loaded vehicles.


Law Enforcement

Ideal for front line detection of overloaded vehicles, axle weighing provides fast, reliable weight information to protect roads from excess damage and dramatically improve road safety.


Fleet Management

Axle weighing systems protect drivers and operators from the penalties of overloading and provide valuable management information.

Service and support


Choose market-leading comprehensive cover. Or ground breaking, fully-inclusive with up to 99% uptime guaranteed. Introducing new, clear, unrivalled service levels for critical weighing operations – only from Avery Weigh-Tronix.


ProCare Total™ and ProCare™

Comprehensive, all-inclusive service cover, backed by a groundbreaking uptime guarantee, to immediately swap out faulty scales from onsite stock.

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Axle Weighers Brochure

PT300 Specification Sheet

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