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Ticket Printers

We offer a range of impact printers to cover a variety of ticket printing requirements; from compact printers when space is at a premium, to pre-printed and wide-slip forms. Ticket printers have the functionality to print slips with multiple copies, making them ideal for use as weighbridge ticket printers or in other point-of-sale situations when a record of a transaction is required.  

Direct Thermal

Our range of direct thermal printing use heat activated thermal paper, rather than conventional printer ribbon, keeping running costs low.  Labels produced using a direct thermal printer can darken over time if exposed to heat or sunlight, making this form of printing ideal for use in the food industry, where products are not exposed to these conditions and have a relatively short shelf life.

Thermal Transfer

Our thermal transfer printers apply print to labels and other material by transfer, using a carbon ribbon and heated print head. The print produced by thermal transfer is defined and longer lasting, making it ideal for producing high density barcodes for labels requiring longevity.

Tally Roll

Our range of tally roll printers are ideal for use a receipt printers. These printers are capable of printing to multiple part forms via a tally roll.

Continuous Stationary printer

We offer a range of continuous stationary printers. Ideal for situations where continuous print runs or multiple copies are required, paper is fed into the printer via a reel. This speeds up the printing process by removing the need feed more paper into the printer. 



GC420 Literature

GX420-GX430 Literature

TM-U590 Literature

ZD410 Literature

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