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Calibration, Breakdown, Preventative Maintenance

We offer a range of service options to provide lifetime support for your weighing products.


Calibration and Re-verification

Calibration and reverificationOur nationwide service team will ensure that your equipment is both accurate and compliant.  As a Measurement Canada Authorized Service Provider, we offer re-verification of weighing equipment, calibration and certification to ISO 9001 standards.


Breakdown and Repair

Breakdown and repair summaryWith service technicians located throughout Canada, we’re able to offer a fast, local breakdown and repair service to ensure your weighing equipment is working at maximum efficiency.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance summaryFocusing on on-going preventative maintenance keeps your equipment working at maximum efficiency, reduces costly emergency repairs and offers increased levels of ‘up-time’.

About Our Service & Support

From preventative maintenance to calibration and emergency repairs, we offer a range of service options that have been designed to meet your unique...

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Why Choose Our Service?

Avery Weigh-Tronix delivers an innovative, tailored service that is designed to ensure that your weighing equipment is performing reliably.

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What We Service

Across Canada, we are able to service, maintain and repair a wide range of weighing, test and measurement equipment of almost all makes and models.

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Canada Service Centers

Click here to see our service centers throughout Canada. As one of the largest Measurement Canada Approved Service Providers, we have technicians to..

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