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Bombardier Transportation can now weigh rail vehicles to a high degree of weighing accuracy thanks to a solution developed by Avery Weigh-Tronix's Railweight division.


Gross weight and weight distribution is important since overweight vehicles cost more to run and cause more wear on the wheels, axles, bogies and track, while underweight or imbalanced vehicles can derail.

Rail organisations are setting more stringent requirements to minimise their on-going running and maintenance costs and also to maximise safety. In order to achieve the high accuracy, Bombardier must test the vehicles in a controlled building on a straight and level track (within +/-1mm) and where external factors cannot affect the results. A test laboratory at the company’s site in Derby, UK, checks the vehicles for gross weight and the weight on each wheel, axle and bogie.

Highly accurate rail weighing solution

The Weighline solution measures to within 2kg loading on each wheel for vehicles weighing up to 40 tonnes – this means an accuracy of 0.05 percent per wheel, based on a 4 axle wagon, weighing 40 tonnes. Data captured and reported includes the vehicle number, ID input, wheel, axle, bogie and total vehicle weight plus the time and date.

The company also supplied and installed a PC system with application software called I-Line to printout data as it is needed. This can store the data or transfer it to the site computer system, as required.

Weighline benefits:

  • Fast installation with no expensive civil and rail costs.
  • Meets OIML R60 and R106 requirements for trade weighing applications
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs
  • Provides precision data on train and wagon weights that can be interfaced with business systems via a PC

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